Which is the right leash for you?

We've provided some general recommendations to make it easier to choose the right leash. But we all know, even dynamos can be ALPHAS sometimes!


Dynamo - 8mm rope

Adventure - 10mm rope

ALPHA - 12mm rope

Available lengths:

5 ft and 8 ft

5 ft and 8 ft

5 ft

Recommended for:

small and medium dogs

medium and large dogs, but a good choice across the board

large and very large dogs

Boldwalk Dynamo

Little dynamos - We've got you covered. Our lightest engineered rope at 8mm diameter.

Boldwalk Adventure

Your everyday leash for every pup, engineered at 10mm rope diameter.

Boldwalk ALPHA

Designed for your
BEAR pups at 12mm rope diameter!

Midnight Sky ALPHA


Merlot ALPHA