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Boldwalk - Dynamo

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Introducing Boldwalk Dynamo, the perfect leash for your small to medium-sized pup! Hand crafted from our strong and durable signature Boldwalk climbing rope in a lighter 8mm size and smaller polymer clamps, you can rest assured that your pup is safe and secure. Enjoy countless adventures in style and comfort with our Boldwalk Dynamo.

Color: Midnight Sky
Size: 5 Feet


Boldwalk Dynamo Leash

Behind the design

Engineering our rope

We love the energy of little dynamo's and we wanted to create something that's bold, functional and build to last. To achieve this, we engineered our own 8mm diamond braided polyester sheath and packed polyester core kernmantle climbing rope with our rope makers here in CALIFORNIA.

We chose to make the rope static which would allow for better communication with your pup. Now at 8mm, the rope we engineered is light, durable and perfectly matched to smaller and medium sized pups. We also wanted it to feel comfortable and match the vibe of the little dynamos!

Selecting the perfect swivel carabiner

Next, we paired our signature rope with an autolocking swivel carabiner to match. Every little dynamo we've seen always seems to be a ball of energy so a swivel carabiner was a must to avoid getting your pup tangled on the leash. Our 4kN rated aviation aluminum swivel carabiners are not only strong, but also extremely light at only 25 grams! They are durable, autolocking and escape proof just like the rest of our swivel carabiners.

Putting it all together

Finally, we secured the rope and our swivel carabiner with our polymer climbing rope clamps. Not only are these clamps durable and built to last, they feel GREAT in the palm of your hand and provide a firm holding position on the leash loop.

Boldwalk Dynamo


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