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Boldwalk Car Seat Tethers

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We've created our Boldwalk seat tethers for one Primary reason: To prevent distracted driving due to your pup wandering around in the car.  Securely tether your pups to the seat to ensure safety and control while you drive. With its reliable construction, your pups can now safely stay in their seats and you can focus on the road.  Comes with both a buckle insert and seat hook latch connector.  Our seat tethers are designed to be used with a pup harness's.  Never attach the tether to a collar of any kind.  Suitable for small to large pups. 
Color: Everglades
Style: Single Tether


Behind the design

Design Purpose

We love our pets and we love to take them everywhere! Safely getting to wherever we are going is essential for both us and our pups. As much as we love our pups, a pup that's moving around in the car can be a safety issue for both you and your pup.

We've produced a fixed length car seat tether that is a good length for pups of all sizes. Our car seat tethers are made from our signature 10mm Boldwalk climbing rope. We engineered our buckle inserts and car seat hook latches specifically for our signature Boldwalk climbing rope and paired it with our swivel autolocking carabiners to avoid getting your pup tangled up.

And lastly, our tethers are designed and intended to be used with a pup harness and never attached to a collar of any type.

For More Information on Intended Use

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